Refund and Return Policy

General terms
Those who have registered on this site and completed the purchase procedure are deemed to have agreed to our terms and conditions.

Return policy
If the item is damaged upon arrival, please contact us with a photo.
We will coordinate with you to arrange a full refund (excluding shipping charges) or a replacement of the item.
Food items: Not liking the taste of the item is not a fair reason to return it.
We will only accept return of food items if the item was unreasonably damaged/opened during transit, or if it has somehow spoiled/expired.
Chocolate snacks: Melted chocolate is not a fair reason to return an item.
Please keep in mind that chocolates may melt during transit, because, whilst it may not be summer in your country, it may be summer here in Japan.
Boxes returned due to incorrect shipping address / incomplete shipping address are not eligible for refund.

Cancellation policy
You cannot cancel a one-time purchase contract.
In the case of a subscription contract, it will be as follows.
Cancellation notice must be at least 72 hours before the scheduled shipping date.
In case of cancellation in the middle of subscription contract, the same amount as one order will be added as a penalty.
For example, if you cancel 12 shipping contracts a year at the after of the 4th shipping, the amount of 5 months will be deducted from the paid amount
and the balance will be refunded to your credit card.

Prices are basically expressed in US dollars.
Payment can only be made by credit card or a payment institution designated by us.
In case of the applicant name and the credit card holder name are different, it may be necessary to submit an ID photo to prove the relationship.
We reserve the right to forcibly cancel a contract that is against the law, such as when a credit card is misused.

The total price includes the price of the product and the applicable sales tax.
Goods sold in some regions may be taxable and will only be taxed in that region.
In such cases, the purchaser is responsible for import taxes, customs duties, and other taxes levied by the local government.

Our liability amount will not exceed the amount paid by the customer in any case.

Policy revisions and additions
We reserve the right to revise these policies at any time by updating these terms.

The rights we have about the contract
We reserve the right to cancel your contract at any time without notice for any reason, including any breach of these Terms.